The Luxe Group of salons got their start in 2002. Founders Jason Lara and David Abrams are the Gurus behind some of Los Angeles’ most successful stylists and most innovative brands such as Luxelab, Artlab, Luxehaus, Blonde-Aid, Luxelab Academy, and Chroma Color Lab.

David and Jason have made their mark on the Los Angeles hair scene in very different ways. As Director of Operations, Jason’s management skills are unparalleled. His vision and drive have been key in the success of no less than 17 salons to date. And with his unique background in interior design, Jason has traveled the world curating beautiful environments and cultivating successful hairdressers.

David’s expertise as Creative Director has grown out of a 25 year love affair with education. In his time in the industry David has inspired thousands from the platform to backstage, from behind the camera to in the classroom. He has headed entire salons, created educational programs for 3 major organizations, and has been an Artistic Director for over 15 salons.

Together they have produced countless photo shoots, fashion shows, stage performances and educational events as well as aided many fellow salon owners in transforming lackluster salons into world class industry leaders. Jason, David, and their elite team continue to be called upon by major beauty brands to lead educational training experiences, motivational talks, and business symposiums across the globe.

Together with family and staff, Abrams and Lara continue to travel the world in a never ending pursuit of all things beautiful, where they and their team are enriched by world class education and enough career enhancing inspiration to last a lifetime.

“Never stop learning” is a mantra that is imbedded in the DNA of their core philosophy: “Do the right thing, for the right reason, every single time.” This and other innovative philosophies and founding principles are what has made the Luxe Group unstoppable, and constantly inspires them to give back to their community and their industry.

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