Chin Up!


An old saying usually meant to encourage a positive attitude and to keep looking forward to the future, this cutting class collaboration by creative director and master stylist, Lauren Sill and Bel Air’s director, Shawn Cunningham, did just that and more!

The world of hairdressing is always changing. What is trendy now? How can we get our clients interested? The one thing that will never change is a classic haircut. Lauren and Shawn demonstrated that not only stylists, but clients too, can enjoy short hair ranging from bobs, graduated bobs and woman’s classic pixie cuts.
It starts with an in depth consultation for your clients to take that leap into “chin” territory. With grace and ease Lauren and Shawn mastered beautiful short haircuts on their models, demonstrating classic looks with a creative spin that left each girl with a signature mark of what they thought looks beautiful and modern but still classic. They allowed us to jump into their world of dos and don’ts to create a flawless look for every client.
So don’t be afraid to go Chin Up!