A Night at the Kit Kat Club

“Be your own superstar, blaze your own path, say yes to opportunity, follow your instincts, be eager and passionate, keep learning, free your imagination……….. so you can be all that you want to be”

Sutton Forster

These are words that our newest graduate, Loni, certainly embraced on her journey through the Luxelab Academy Apprenticeship program. Her hard work and dedication culminated in an intimate yet extravagant production of Life is a Cabaret!
With her amazing support team, they transformed the salon into the moody Kit Kat Club and all of her friends, family, colleagues and fans huddled together to get the best view of her performers and models. She cleverly entertained the crowd with talented singers that told the stories of her performers, including upbeat sassy showgirls to sultry vixens who strutted their stuff.  Throw in a variety of man candy and there was something for everyone!
From slick bobs to rolls and waves and braids and pins and everything in between, her hair artistry was spot on with her theme of the night.
Loni is full of life and if Life is a Cabaret, come to the cabaret Old Chum!
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