Megan moved from Vancouver Canada in 2006 leaving behind her background in fashion and embarked on a new pursuit; hair. An apprenticeship program provided her with an accelerated, hands on, real life hair stylist experience. Once licensed, Megan worked at a top salon in Marina Del Rey, CA for a few years where she continued to perfect her craft by attending various workshops and classes.

As Megan’s career began expanding she desired a salon that would support her behind the chair as well as in any freelance endeavors.  Luxelab came highly recommended by a mentor in the industry and she has called the salon home for 3 plus years now. Megan thrives on travel and adventure and draws inspiration from all aspects of her life. Her active on the go lifestyle requires her own hair to be low maintenance yet fashionable and she desires the same for her clients, creating beautiful easy shapes and brilliant natural color. Her approach is extremely visual so don’t be surprised when you see Megan cutting dry hair or painting splashes of color as she sees fit.

As a L’Oreal Professionel educator Megan continues to explore her opportunities within the hair industry. She prides herself in keeping up with current trends in hair, fashion and beauty.