“Treat it like you own it”. This is something Melody Russ has believed in for a long time.  The quote has propelled her into a career that requires a degree of dedication and enthusiasm she is happy to share with some of the industry’s most talented artists, her colleagues.  

To Melody “owning it” is a philosophy which allows her to put all of her strengths into striving for the ever elusive “perfection”.   “Owning it” allows her to be invested in Luxelab’s success.  To Melody, that success is continuing to provide an exceptional experience for her clients or in her words “…improving someone’s day, whether it be something as minute as a blow out or as big as a transformation.” “Owning it” is being a part of a team of stylists who selflessly puts ego aside to further the interests of the whole.  Melody believes she has found a great “family” at Luxelab.  This type of environment inspires Melody to continue honing her craft, building relationships, providing quality service, and educating the next generation of stylist.

Melody once wrote that she was driven “to seek a profession that melds the flexibility of creativeness with the unrelenting strictness of perfectionism”.  So in 2011, while attending the Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, CA, Melody became classically trained on and excelled in extremely technical precision hair cutting methods.  After graduating with “Best In Class” honors, Melody was drawn to Luxelab for their unprecedented education program.   After intensive “post-graduate” type education at Luxelab Melody was, again, able to “own it”.  Click here for an exciting look at her “stylist in training” graduation Soiree. She exhibited dedication and loyalty to her craft and Luxelab by hosting an 11 model runway hair show designed entirely and exclusively by herself.  Regarding the show, one source wrote “her attention to detail on every level was so evident…there was a buzz of excitement before during and long after the show ended.”  

Professionally, Melody has put her talents to work assisting at several runway shows in addition to TV and magazine medias.  She has traveled to New York and Chicago as well as several different locations right here in the Los Angeles area representing herself and the brands she believes in.  This was great preparation to be an integral member of the official and exclusive Luxelab LA Fashion Week hair team for the past few seasons.  It is no surprise that Melody has already built a loyal clientele and taken on the roles of Cutting Educator and Assistant Manager of Education and Academies  for Luxelab.

Precise, technical, dedicated and enthusiastic about continued education; in a singular statement, that is how you could describe Melody Russ, your Santa Monica based Luxelab hairstylist.